Liam Lynch is a media student and photographer with a passion for photo-journalism and artistic photography. Born in Arklow in 1993, Liam started taking pictures of natural landscapes in 2011, and has expanded his range of photographs since then. One notable development was Liam’s entry into doing promotional photographs and photo-journalism. He would cover important events organised by The Vault Arklow Youth Centre along with taking photographs of pivotal demonstrations that were held in opposition to the introduction of the Water Charges.

Liam’s work has been featured in various newspapers like The Wicklow Times, The Wicklow People and the Wicklow Voice. His pictures capture the events as they unfold in immense detail, showing the emotion of the scene. The same applies to his artistic works that are well-revered. His photograph of the horizon in Arklow’s South Beach won the Seascape portion of Arklow Camera Club’s Photographer of the Year competition in 2016. This same photograph was featured in the club’s 2017 exhibition along with other prestigious photographs.